Gold Standard Hat Pattern

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    With the brim softly gathered at center front and embellished with a beaded applique, this cloche is pure magic. The hat is flattering to any shape face and it is fashioned in a medium weight fashion fabric. A luxurious silk lining provides the finishing touch.

    Recommended Fabrics
    Spring/Summer - Linen, cotton pique, denim, light to medium weight home dec fabrics
    Fall/Winter - Wool flannel, Faux leather, medium to heavy weight home dec fabrics
    Lining - Fabrics that are light, crisp and slippery such as taffeta or a light satin

    Approx. 200 short bugle beads (approx. 3/16" long)
    Approx. 175 delica beads (matching color with bugle beads)
    Beading needle
    Beading thread in color to match beads (e.g. Nymo D)
    5x5 square applique stabilizer (e.g. non-woven stiff interfacing)
    Fabric seam sealant
    Yardage Requirements Fashion Fabric Fusible Interfacing Stabilizer for applique Lining 54" wide 22" wide 45" wide 45" wide 1/2 yd.for Small, Medium or Large 1/2 yd.for Small, Medium or Large 5"x5" for Small, Medium or Large 1/2 yd.for Small, Medium or Large
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