Grommet Setting Kit - Size 00

    Code: CMS-GST-00K


    Quality grommet setting tools made in the USA!

    Mallet & Die Style Kit Size 00 For setting 2-part grommets and washers.

    • Heavy Duty Setting Tool (Die & Base)
    • Hole Cutter
    • Wooden Block
    • 4 Dozen Silver Grommets/Washers - Size 00 (Inside diameter 3/16")

    Setting Tips:
    • Use a wooden, rawhide, or rubber mallet with the die and cutter
    • Metal hammers are not recommended
    • We highly suggest using a Crafting Board as a base when punching holes.
    • Otherwise it is recommended to use a piece of thick leather or corrugated cardboard on top of of the provided wooden block.

    Following these suggestions can increase the life expectancy of the grommet setter and hole punch.
    US Flag Made in the USA!
    Please note that the hole-cutter will need to be sharpened occasionally - giving it a little TLC after each project will keep it cutting as good as new for a long time! Follow the link below for easy instructions on how to re-sharpen the hole cutter.

    Re-Sharpening Your Hole-Cutter
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    Worked Great...For a While


    I was able to make one corset with this grommet setting kit, but once I had used the hole making piece for the 20 individual grommets on that corset it was done for the count. I tried making a second corset, and after punching the first hole it was completely done. The rest of the kit works fine, it is just the piece that cuts the holes out that no longer works. It is such a shame, I really liked this kit.

    Making It Yourself Response:

    Shannon, thank you for your feedback.. we're sorry that you were not completely satisfied with the grommet setting kit. Please keep in mind that the hole-cutter, like a good pair of scissors, will sometimes need re-sharpening after use. Even using a wood block as your base, the cutter will dull slightly after every punch. There is a link below for a great article on how to re-sharpen your hole-cutter.. it should breath new life back into the tool!

    Re-Sharpening Your Hole-Cutter

    By: Shannon Burley (Alexandria, VA)