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Happy New Year! 2015 is the year of Making It Yourself!

How to Set a Busk

Corset busks are a standard closure for the center front of a modern corset.  They come in several varieties of shape, metal finishes, and qualities.  Busks are also available in many lengths to provide a suitable closure for everything from a short waist cincher to a long-line corset.

In this article we will be looking at an 11 inch “Standard Busk.”

When you measure the front of your corset for a busk remember to leave room at the top and bottom for finishing. I leave 5/8″ at top and bottom so I can sew 1/2″ bias tape and not break needles while sewing it on. I draft my Center Front to be 12.25″ to accommodate  an 11″ busk.

Set the “Eye Side” First
From the wrong side of your face fabric you will mark for the eye openings.
Place the eye side of the busk directly onto the fabric with the bar up, this will make sure the busk is facing the correct way in the garment. If you are using 1/2″ seam allowance you can lay the busk onto your fabric with the round edge of the eye at the cut edge of the fabric, it will place the bar of the busk 1/2″ from the edge.
Use a chalk pencil to mark the outside of the eyes.


Pin your face fabric to the lining right sides together. Sew your entire front edge, top to bottom, leaving openings where you marked the eyes.


Press the seam open, then insert the busk’s eyes through the openings. Make sure the silver eye is closest to the face, and the white bar side of the busk is closest to the lining. Make sure your seam allowance is clearly out of the way of the openings.


Pin and then baste in place.

RED_Busk6         RED_Busk7_edited-1

Set the “Post Side” Next
Pin your face fabric to the lining right sides together. Sew down entire front edge. Turn right sides out and press flat.
Place both sides together with the eyes on top of the fabric. Mark the center of the eye with a pin or chalk pencil.


Using an awl, make a hole in the face fabric as large as needed to push the eye through. Go slowly so that you don’t tear the fibers. You can always put the awl back through the hole to make it larger if necessary. The awl will push the fibers out and when removed the fibers will gradually pull back together around the post.

 RED_Busk10 RED_Busk11

When all of the posts are through the face fabric: pin, then baste in place.
Sew along the edge of the busk using a zipper foot. Remove your basting stitches.

RED_Busk12  RED_Busk13  RED_Busk14  RED_Busk15_edited-1

Enjoy making your corset!

~Amy Delicious

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Grommet/Rivet Removal

More than once, we have set a grommet or rivet and completely botched it. Or mid way through we decided that we should have used a different color. A few weeks ago we had a customer who had a rivet come out of her jacket and asked us if we could fix it. So, perfect time to share.

What you need:
Tin snips/ wire cutters
Needle nose pliers

Blog 1 Blog 1b Blog 1a Blog 2

With this piece, the rivet had come out of the fabric but was still secure in the leather tab.

Gently take your tin snips and make some cuts in the washer. Then, take your pliers and carefully start rolling(I twist my pliers carefully around the grommet/rivet) the washer out. Take care to not cut into your fabric as the edges will be sharp. It may come off in several pieces, which is ok.

Blog 3 Blog 4 Blog 5

Once the back is off, you should be able pull the front (grommet/rivet) straight out of the fabric. Then you are all set to replace your grommet or rivet.

Side note: Due to the fact that the rivet came out of the fabric, when replacing it we have to reinforce the area on the inside. Using something that won’t fray is best. We had some extra leather scraps around so we just cut out a little circle for the reinforcer.

finished setting

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Happy Spring… Look Who’s Back! :)

Hello CorsetMaking Enthusiasts, and Happy Spring!

Sorry about the long silence on our  blog…  we’ve been hard at work on many new site features, and we are determined to create more frequent blog posts to keep you updated and informed of them!  A major overhaul of the website is in the works — new categories, tutorials, projects, and many, many more products!  There are a few new product additions that will hit the shelves before the big launch, so stay tuned…  during the next newsletter and blog post we’ll be announcing some new offerings that have been on our list of most requested items!

New Arrivals:

• Underwire Channeling is back and better than ever!  Along with a fresh restock of white channeling, we are now offering nude channeling in the professional quality you’ve come to expect!

• New Bijoux Pattern Company patterns.  Bijoux Patterns are a smaller, lower cost version of some classic Laughing Moon patterns.  Perfect for customers making corsets for fun or costume dress, without as much need for the extensive pattern notes, construction notes, bibliographies, and resources offered in the original Laughing Moon versions.  The first two patterns are based on the Laughing Moon’s #100 pattern:

Bijoux Patterns #1: Ladies’ Victorian Pattern

Bijoux Pattern #1

Bijoux Pattern #1

Bijoux Patterns #2: Ladies’ Victorian Bust-Gore Pattern.

Bijoux Pattern #2

Bijoux Pattern #2


• Updated: A slightly revamped version of the Push Up Bra Cup will soon be replacing the original design. The little tabs that were once on the side of the cups are now replaced with a nice curve. A much cleaner look, and easier to incorporate with more patterns.  Currently in Size 8 only, but soon to replace all sizes of our Push Up Bra Cups.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, tutorial ideas, and especially pictures of the wonderful creations you’ve made!

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Halloween Countdown!

With less than a week to Halloween we hope that you are all finished (or at least nearly done ;) ) with the amazing costume creations you have been furiously constructing!

If you haven’t started, and I know there are some of you out there, we may be able to help… we have decided to have a final blowout sale of our last remaining costume patterns to free up shelf space for new arrivals.  All costume patterns are now 50% off until they’re gone; and they ARE almost gone!




Please remember to send us some pictures of your Halloween finery… we’d love to see what you’ve created!


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November Newsletter

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New Arrivals For Our Bra Makers!

It’s a happy day for our Bra Makers…  Beverly Johnson has been quite busy and we are very pleased to offer a bunch of new products to show for it!

The indispensable Bra Makers Manual is back in stock in both book and CD formats.  Also available is the new Bra Makers Manual Volume 2 with even more techniques and information for our more advanced bra makers!

Bra Makers Manual Volume 2

Bra Makers Manual Volume 2

For the rest of this month we will be offering a 10% off coupon for the book versions of both the Bra Makers Manual and Bra Makers Manual Volume 2.  Just use the coupon code “BRA-TASTIC” during the checkout process and your discount will be applied!  Also check out the other great new titles by Beverly Johnson in our Bra Making Books & Videos section!

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Shipping Concerns

Throughout the years many people have asked why we do not offer shipping options lower than Priority Mail, or why we can’t just send some of our smaller items in a plain letter envelope.  Well, the answer is for the benefit of our customers!

First, Priority Mail and Express Mail (which we offer if needed) are the most reliable options the US Postal Service offers. We have tried other services and found that orders too frequently ended up being delayed, lost or even “destroyed.”  As for letter envelopes, letters are processed differently than packages.  Letters can easily be hooked or snagged by the sorting machines if the envelope has anything lumpy in it.  This has the potential to not only  damage the item you are sending, but also the surrounding mail that was packaged properly.

We want you to receive every single item that you ordered.  We want your package to arrive not only in a timely manner but also in the same perfect condition that it left our hands in. We have recently been able to lower both our shipping prices and our order minimum to help you keep your costs as low as possible.

Below is an example of a recent exchange that we “almost” received.   The items were sent back in a standard letter envelope, and unfortunately none of them actually made it.

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Alanna’s Wedding Dress

“Your website is wonderful. This was my first time sewing a corset, and it just happened to be for my wedding dress (no pressure). Your site had everything I needed, and I was thrilled with the results I got after modifying the Laughing Moon pattern a bit. I’m now inspired to make a few more just for fun.”

-Thank you Alanna, your gown came out beautifully.

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Tips & Tricks: Corset Lace Tipping

The heat shrink lace tipping is a 3/32″ diameter tipping that you “roll” the ends of your lacing through. Then by applying heat to the tipping it shrinks around the end of the lacing forming a tight bond. We have found a lighter works great for this purpose. If you are using the poly lacing supplied at Corsetmaking.com, the trick is to heat to the point that the lace will actually begin to bond with the tipping forming a permanent seal. Neat stuff!!

Caution: Be sure to keep your heat source far enough from the tipping that you don’t discolor it… especially the clear tipping that can easily discolor if flame is too close.

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Tips & Tricks: Applying Boning Tips

The easiest way I’ve found to attach boning tips is as follows….
Using a pair of needle-nose pliers crimp the sides of the tip inward BEFORE putting the tip on the piece of cut spiral steel boning.
After crimping the sides in quite often a little pucker or bump is created in the top of the tip… to get rid of this hold the sides of the tip (so they dont spread back any wider) and then use the needle-nose to crimp in the little pucker that formed at the top of the tip…
The trick is to have the tip pre-crimped just a little smaller than the width of the boning. When you slide the boning into the tip it will open just enough to allow the boning to slide in, but will still grip tightly around it.
Once the tip is on the boning and does not slide or move you can dip the ends into Tipping Fluid to form a more permanent bond. If you choose to do this, you should let the ends dry for about an hour (more or less depending on humidity, etc) before inserting them into the bone casings.
….That’s the method we’ve always used. Hope it helps!

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