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Product Review: Hoop Boning / Patterns


Buckram Covered Steel Hoop Boning
Buckram covered spring steel boning. Ideal for hoop skirts and
projects that require boning to keep a defined hoop shape. Sold in
rolls of 12 yds.
Plastic Covered Steel Hoop Boning
Plastic covered spring steel boning. Ideal for hoop skirts and
projects that require boning to keep a defined hoop shape. Sold in
rolls of 12 yds.
Georgian Hooped Petticoats: Mantua Maker Patterns
Patterns for both types:
1) small and simple.
2) mid sized hoops.
Women’s Lingerie Pattern: McCall’s Patterns
Camisole, Pantaloons, corset and hoop petticoat pattern. You can
choose from two different available size ranges.

I know there are four items listed but it all serves for the same. I
know that many have made hoop skirts before, at the same point I’m not
sure if it worked as well as it could have. I have noticed that many
times there is almost a break and the hoop skirt instead of being
perfect and round looks like a teardrop or isn’t weighted nicely.
To start, make sure that the hoop is long or short enough for your
outer garment. At the same point you need to make sure that it isn’t
too wide nor too narrow. This may seem like common knowledge but for
those starting out no ones says that as a warning and you find out by
trial and error. I’m helping you skip that step. After you have
determined all of those elements you need to attach your bone casing
or whatever you happen to be using to cover and hold your boning.
Makes sure that it is six to eight inches longer that what you need.
Lets say you are using the bone casing, Fold over one end about a half
inch to an inch and then sew around. When they meet you want to take
the casing about three or four inches overlapping what you just put
down. This way when you slide the boning through, there is no way for
that teardrop shape because you are not breaking the circle. Fold the
excess under and hand tack down. Use this for each row for the hoops
and you’re set a perfectly created hoop skirt and or hoop petticoat.
Any questions let me know.

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One Response to Product Review: Hoop Boning / Patterns

  1. Hi. I have delayed until I am absolutely sure my client really wants me to continue. And she does. So, my question: the hoop skirt making is short and actually has 2 hoops that are exactly the same . They are about 10″ apart. The shape resembles 2 U’s attached. The skirt is not a circle. My concern is how will the hoop ends be attached? I am using buckram covered steel boning. What can be used to connect the ends?

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