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Alanna’s Wedding Dress

“Your website is wonderful. This was my first time sewing a corset, and it just happened to be for my wedding dress (no pressure). Your site had everything I needed, and I was thrilled with the results I got after modifying the Laughing Moon pattern a bit. I’m now inspired to make a few more just for fun.”

-Thank you Alanna, your gown came out beautifully.

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3 Responses to Alanna’s Wedding Dress

  1. Rachel N. says:

    This is AMAZING! It’s extra amazing that it’s your first one!

  2. Diane Balsamo says:

    The Bride was beautiful, great job!

  3. Vivian W. says:

    What a beautiful job you did on your corset! They are certainly no easy undertaking and yours came out great. Do continue making more – and please share pics, I’d love to see them! I also love the little lace shrug you wore around your shoulders. Did you make that as well?

    Happy bra and corset (and hat) making to all! :)

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