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Customer Creations Gallery

See what others have made and share your own finished projects. We love to see our customers’ creations!

4 Responses to Customer Creations Gallery

  1. Theresa Sparkman says:

    I just want to say that you have a great website to order from. I love your products as they are high quality. Your shipping is prompt as well. I couldn’t find a review section. I give you 5 stars.

  2. Pamela Cole says:

    The Lele C Simmons corsets are gorgeous!

    Love your website. I was so thrilled to find the spiral steel boning and the coutil grommet tape! These are infinitely better than the materials available from the chain fabric store — cheap, plastic boning that rolls as you sew and plastic grommets that crack (I screamed with frustration as I got to the very last step for the first corset I made – inserting the grommets – and the last grommet just would not stay in the satin!). The coutil tape is great, although the holes are very close together and it takes a lot of lacing. It would be awesome if you would sell a satin or twill tape with holes spaced an inch and a half or so apart. Thanks!

    • corsetmaking says:

      Pamela, we’re glad you are happy with the steel and grommet tape. I have always spaced my grommets 3/4″ apart, so I never thought of wider spacing! I’ll keep an eye out for tape that has wider spacing now.
      Tip for keeping grommets in satin: Use a woven fusible interfacing to reinforce the back side of the satin. Then, put a piece of sturdy fabric between your satin and lining (like a coutil). If you are using a sturdy lining all of that reinforcement should keep your grommets from pulling through.
      Good luck, and happy sewing ~Amy

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