Reconstructing History: 1670s-1720s Stays Pattern

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    Full size paper patterns for late 17th century stays (corsets) based on two extant English examples. View A, based on the stays in the Museum of London are fully-boned, five piece stays featuring an optional front busk, integral shoulder straps, back laced closure, and integral tabs at the waist. View B, based on the stays in the Victoria and Albert Museum, features a front opening, stomacher, integral waist tabs and optional sleeves. Fits busts 30½"-48" and waists 23"-41". All sizes included in one envelope. Embellishment suggestions included.

    Suggested Fabrics:
    - Plain or twill weave linen or silk
    - Lightweight silk or fine linen for lining
    - 5oz. linen for interlining

    Yardage Requirements:
    - Outer Material 1 yd at least 45" wide
    - Lining 1 yd at least 45" wide
    - Interlining 2 yds at least 45" wide
    - Sleeves (optional) 2 yds at least 45" wide

    - Thread
    - 7mm or ¼" half oval or round reeds or ¼" corset boning
    - Silk ribbon, cloth tape or leather for binding
    - Wood or horn busk
    - Corset lacing
    - Ribbon or metallic braid trim to taste