#2 Ladies' Victorian Bust-Gore Pattern

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    #2 Ladies' Victorian Bust-Gore Pattern

    Ladies' Victorian Corset - 1840s to 1890s
    One corset with 6 shaped pieces on each side, with gussets. This corset has two layers; an outside layer of fashion fabric and a lining, between which the boning is inserted in stitched channels. The front is closed with a busk and the back is laced together with grommets and lacing. Fabric: Cotton Coutil or a strong fabric for the outside, which can be covered with a light decorative fabric, like lace or silk. Lining: Cotton Broadcloth or Sateen.

    Busk, steel boning, and grommets
    Information about the amounts and sizes inside the pattern.
    6 yards of lacing.
    1/8" Ribbon, length = bust size + 18 inches.
    Other lace trim or embroidery flossing as desired.