Gift Certificates & Account Credits

Online Gift Certificates

Online Gift Certificates must be associated with a Customer Account - If you don't already have one, create your account now!

Redeeming Online Gift Certificates:

An Online Gift Certificate must be converted into an Account Credit:

Viewing Your Customer Account Balance

Once you've converted an Online Gift Certificate into Account Credit, you can view your available balance from the Customer Account Balance Page.

Using An Account Credit:


How do I receive Account Credits?

Account credits are acquired by redeeming the value of an Online Gift Certificate or from eligible product returns. You must have a customer account and be logged in to see your Account Credit Balance.

Can I use multiple Online Gift Certificates for a single order?

Yes. Online Gift Certificates are converted to Account Credit. You can apply any amount of your Account Credit Balance as a payment method when checking out.

Will my Online Gift Certificate or Account Credit expire?

No. Once your Online Gift Certifiate has been converted to an Account Credit it will forever be associated with your customer account. If your customer account is deleted or closed out, any account credits are also deleted. Account Credits have no cash value and can only be used as a payment method for in-stock products via our website.

Can I redeem an Online Gift Certificate / Account Credit along with coupons or keycodes?

Yes. Since Online Gift Certificates get converted into Account Credit, a payment type, you will apply your coupon/keycode as usual and select "Apply Credit Balance" as your payment method.