About Us

Corset Making Supplies is a small business formed in 1998. Most of our staff here at Corset Making Supplies are corsetmakers themselves! We are always willing to help you out with questions and to determine what your specific needs might be for any project.

We have clients in all levels of production... from home sewers, small businesses, couture designers, costume houses, theater groups, to large manufactures!

We consider every order and every customer important, so please feel free to contact us for assistance if necessary and we will be happy to help!

Of course nothing can say more about a company than customer testimonials, so read below to see what our clients are saying...

"I just want to say that you have a great website to order from. I love your products as they are high quality. Your shipping is prompt as well. I give you 5 stars. ~Theresa"

"Thank you so much for my shipments. I love the handwritten thanks, and the quickness of the shipments. I can not possibly express how happy I am that I got my supplies before the 3 day weekend, even though I only ordered them on tuesday. I am so happy with the service I have gotten and I look forward to ordering from you in the future. Thank you thank you thank you"

"I have to just let you know that I *really* appreciate your excellent service and recommend you to everyone! I used to buy from other retailers but nothing beats your service & speed=0) I had someone once call me to verify I was okay with spending $70 on overnight shipping of bones, now that's service!"

"I had a choice...you or _________ out of Canada. With them the order would take up to 2 weeks to get to me if they had everything in stock. The cost difference was pennies. I have never received anything from you that I didn't love, so again, here I am placing an order. The last supplies came in quite fast and I am working on my new corset now!"

"This is just to thank you for one of the fastest deliveries on record. And the products we ordered are exactly what we wanted. We are fortunate to have found you. We are first-person living-history performers and are presently preparing for an 1868 wedding. The "bride" will be delighted with her new corset. You will be hearing from us again."

Excellent, fantastic. Great product, excellent delivery!!
Again, thanks, I will be back.

I am FLABBERGASTED at how quickly my order arrived! I ordered it a few short days ago (over a holiday weekend) and it is here this morning. Thank you! Thank you! And thank you! (I've got three corsets to make this week, and wasn't expecting my supplies from you until at least next week....) A new, but already loyal, customer.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your time and patience. It is really an excellent reflection of your company's reputation that you were able to take some time out and help a person with their corset project!!! Based on this interaction, I will be referring all of my friends to your company and web-site and tell them the positive experience I had with you!!! You can expect to see my order in the next week and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Again, you offer great products, but even more important is the great people you have! Thank you Sid for your time!

Hello Corset Making Supplies,
I just received my shipment from you this afternoon and thought I should let you know that I am blown away with the speed at which it arrived.
I'm working on my little pet project right now actually... I may even have it complete enough to show it to my high school drama teacher and costume shoppe Goddess when I come home this weekend on fall break... Which is so much sooner than I had hoped to be able to show it to her by.
And last but not least, you have spared me having to carry home my 1930 singer which, love it though I do, weighs more than my duffle bag and text books put together...