Amber Scoral Embroidered Silk Doupioni 44"

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    Amber Scoral Embroidered Silk Doupioni 44"

    Lustrous 100% silk fabric with embroidered black scoral filigree pattern.
    Wonderful texture.
    Width 44"

    Cut yardage is not returnable.

    • Doupioni is tightly-woven fabric with a lustrous surface.
    • It has a fine thread in the warp and uneven or irregular thread from two or more entangled silk worm cocoons in the weft. This causes the slubs that define doupioni.
    • It is slightly thicker, heavier, and with a more slubs than a shantung.
    • You will often find little bits of wood and other colored fibers woven into the silk due to the natural weaving process.