Boned Corsets with Lacing and Ruffle Pattern

    Code: CMS-P-B5935


    Boned Corsets with Lacing and Ruffle Pattern

    Close-fitting, lined, boned corset has bias binding finish, seam detail, extension, shaped hemline, and front or back lacing. D: Ruffles. Purchased lacing for all views, ribbon for bows A, B, and trim for C. Designed for lightweight to medium-weight woven fabrics.

    FABRICS: Wool, Velveteen, Brocade, Satin, Taffeta, Chintz, Cotton/Cotton Blends.

    A, B, C, D: Twenty eight 1/4" Opening Two-part Eyelets. 1/4" Boning with Casing: 4 yds. for Sizes 4-8; 4 1/2 yds for Sizes 10-20. 1/4"-3/8" Cord or Ribbon: 2 yds. for A, C, D; 4 yds. for B. A: 1 1/2 yd. of 5/8" Ribbon. B: Twelve 1/4" Opening Decorative Rings. C: 4" Lace Trim: 1 yd. for Sizes 4-10, 1 1/2 yd. for Sizes 12-20. Optional: 3/8" - 3/4" Lace Edging: 2 yds. for Sizes 4-10; 3 yds. for Sizes 12-20.

    Size Combinations: AX5(4-6-8-10-12), D5(12-14-16-18-20)