Bra-makers Manual: A Professional Approach to Bra Design, Draft, Fit and Construction

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    Bra-makers Manual: A Professional Approach to Bra Design, Draft, Fit and Construction

    Finally! Everything you ever wanted to know about making bras!

    From its humblest of beginnings as a square of cloth, to the engineered marvels of today, the bra has earned its place in history as both the most loved and the most hated garment. Why? Partly because ready to wear can't possibly address all the unique needs of each woman. What better way for those who enjoy precision sewing, than to make the most complex and intriguing garment in our wardrobe? You may even decide to launch an exciting new career as a custom bra-maker!

    In the Bra-makers Manual, you will learn to draft a pattern from a variety of sources available, and use that pattern as the foundation to create a virtual library of bra styles. No longer will you be restricted by the limitations of a pattern! You will learn how to choose and control the fabric, and do fittings like the professionals. You will learn to construct special needs bras, including nursing and mastectomy bras; and of course, the strapless bra. Duplicate all of the professional techniques with instructions written specifically for home sewing machines.

    The Bra-makers Manual was written as a textbook for the professional made-to-measure bra-maker, however those home sewers who are up for a bit of a challenge will also find this book to be a complete and understandable reference on bra design, draft, fit and construction. Even if you never sew a bra for anyone else, you will thoroughly enjoy making your own well-fitting and supportive bras. Now you can have all the fashionable fabrics and colours, in styles that rival ready-to-wear at a fraction of the cost.

    235 pages of text and illustrations; with color photos of bras designed by the author and some of her bra-making students.