Designer Bras by YOU! CD

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    Designer Bras by YOU! CD

    This CD covers the steps to the next level in your bra-making. Once you have the basic bra down pat - you will want to move onto creating a designer look. This CD covers what fabrics are especially appropriate, and how to work with laces so that they mirror properly on each side of the bra. Learn to make designer bras such as "Shelley" with lace and a side power bar, or "Sharon", our front closing demi bra, or the very popular "Amanda", our seamless foam cup bra (the first pattern of its kind in the world!). It even covers inserting foam cups into a sports bra in the "Alison" bra and the "Wendy" bra in a tank top, so you can follow along as you make these garments.
    This Power Point Presentation is on a CD, with color photographs of each process of bra-making. It's not a DVD, so you need to use it in your computer, not your TV. However, it will stop at each page, so you can keep looking at the particular step until you are ready to go on to the next one.