Grand Bustle

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    Grand Bustle

    This petticoat bustle is based on an actual garment as seen in Harper's Bazaar magazine. This pattern will create a large sized bustle, perfect for the large, almost hoop-like fashions of 1869-1875. This petticoat has a center front closure, and 5 hoop bones built into the back, and two bones around the entire hem. This design allows for structural support for heavy skirts combined with ease of movement and wearability (you can sit down without making any adjustments to the bustle!!) This petticoat will also fold flat for ease of storage.

    No other bustle pattern can offer this amount of comfort and style. Just put it on and forget it.

    This pattern requires 1 Twelve yard roll of Hoop Boning. Boning Tips, single fold bias tape, and hooks and eyes.