Grommet Setting Kit - Size 1

    Code: CMS-GST-1K


    Quality grommet setting tools made in the USA!

    Mallet & Die Style Kit Size 1 For setting 2-part grommets and washers.

    • Heavy Duty Setting Tool (Die & Base)
    • Hole Cutter
    • Wooden Block
    • 4 Dozen Silver Grommets/Washers - Size 1 (Inside diameter 9/32" - 5/16")

    Setting Tips:
    • Use a wooden, rawhide, or rubber mallet with the die and cutter
    • Metal hammers are not recommended
    • We highly suggest using a Crafting Board as a base when punching holes.
    • Otherwise it is recommended to use a piece of thick leather or corrugated cardboard on top of of the provided wooden block.

    Following these suggestions can increase the life expectancy of the grommet setter and hole punch.
    US Flag Made in the USA!