Grommet Setting Plier Kit - Size 00 (Brass)

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    Grommet Setting Plier Kit - Size 00 (Brass)

    Professional grommet setting tools...
    much higher quality than those found at most fabric stores.

    Plier Style Setting Kit Size 00:
    Includes hole cutter, setting pliers & 1 gross brass grommets.

    This setter works best on thicker fabrics, leather, or multiple fabric layers when setting your grommets.

    Adding an interlining or twill tape layers between your grommet sides will give greater stability and will help to reinforce the lacing section of your finished corset.

    Don't confuse this for the cheap 1-piece setting pliers found in many fabric stores... this is a much higher quality 2-piece grommet setter!

    Setting Tips:
    • Use a wooden, rawhide, or rubber mallet with the cutter
    • Metal hammers are not recommended
    • We highly suggest using a Crafting Board as a base when punching holes.
    • It is recommended to use a piece of thick leather or corrugated cardboard on top of of the cutting surface.

    Following these suggestions can increase the life expectancy of the grommet setter and hole punch.

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