Hoop Bone Steel - 7.5mm x .65mm

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    Hoop Bone Steel - 7.5mm x .65mm

    This is a rigid continuous steel bone that will retain a hoop shape - it will work perfectly for hoop skirts, corsets, costuming ...pretty much anything that calls for "hoop boning"!

    - Smooth, flexible, strong, can be dry-cleaned.
    - This high quality boning can be used in corsets, hoop skirts, bustles, panniers, gowns, garments, millinery, costumes, collars, cuffs, and more.
    - Can be cut with boning cutters and the cut edges can be filed to create smooth ends.
    - Will easily fit into 1/2" wide bone casing.
    - Much more rigid than traditional White Steel Boning.
    - Use with 7.5mm Hoop Boning Connector only.

    • 5.5mm wide is .60mm thick
    • 7.5mm wide is .65mm thick

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