Lotus Corset Pattern

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    Lotus Corset Pattern

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    The lotus features a beautiful yet practical sweeping top edge that’s low at the front for maximum torso movement and high at the back to avoid the *ahem* back fat rolls that can occur around the top edge! The Lotus also boasts a tummy area that tucks under rather than jutting out at the bottom (as so many designs do if you don’t have washboard abs to begin with!)

    Great for curvier figures, it will also be available in two larger sizes! (As requested by many of my fabulously curvy customers). Catering for up to a 42″ natural waist! Scroll down for sizing.

    Downloadable Pattern & Booklet

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    This pattern is designed by corset maker Scarlett Sapsford.About The Sapsford Printable Corset Patterns:

    The Sapsford downloadable corset sewing patterns are unique works by the designer, so you won't find them in historical publications or commercially printed or published - they're born of the growing need by the modern corset maker for more fashionable, sexy, contemporary pattern styles.

    They are designed to print straight off a home printer. This corset pattern is downloadable so you will get a download link after purchasing and be able to save it to your computer and print it instantly!

    Each PDF pattern comes with a Corset Making Quick Reference Booklet which tells you exactly how to make a corset (this is non-pattern specific) and a pattern specific booklet that includes a guide to picking the correct size, an explanation of the pattern, and detailed instructions with pictures of any unique aspects of the pattern not covered in the Corset Making Booklet.

    What You Can Use The Patterns For:

    The corset patterns can be used for anything including making corsets to sell professionally, however the copyright for the patterns themselves belongs to Miss Sapsford. Giving away or selling the actual patterns, altered or otherwise, is prohibited.

    (You get all of this for just $19.99!)

    • Corset Pattern PDF
    • Illustrated Pattern Booklet PDF
    • The Corset Making Booklet PDF

    Also check out the Express Corset Making Course - it's an in-depth corset making video tutorial filled with two hours of professional construction tips and techniques!

    This corset pattern is sized by waist measurement i.e. corset size 26" means the waist measures 26 inches on the finished corset (when the corset is completely closed).

    This pattern is designed however, to be worn with a 2" lacing gap at the back. So the measurements in the chart below include this gap. Simply compare them to your own body measurements.

    The recommended natural waist size is highlighted in green. This is the most important measurement to look at when picking your size. Measure your waist about an inch to an inch and a half above your belly button where your silhouette naturally dips in when looking in the mirror.

    Sizing Chart

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