Men's Mid Victorian to Edwardian Trousers

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    Men's Mid Victorian to Edwardian Trousers

    Men's Mid Victorian to Edwardian Trousers

    Civilian trousers, appropriate for work, casual, or formal wear.

    The front has vertical side pockets, a button fly, and suspender buttons.

    The back can have two welt pockets or none, a back strap cinch belt, and a split back waistband with suspender buttons.

    The hems at the bottom of the legs are shorter at the center front than the center back and have a very slight flare.

    FIBER: Cotton, Linen, or Wool.

    FABRIC: Any medium bottom weight fabric, twill, duck, jean. Wool, including plain weave, gabardine, serge, tropical, kersey, cassimere, flannel, twill.

    FABRIC PATTERNS: Plain, striped, herringbone, checked, plaid, novelty.

    POCKETS: Pocketing, selesia, or light twill. LINING: Striped cotton.

    FACINGS: Dark matching color cotton.

    INTERFACING: Modern fusible or linen for period.

    NOTIONS: Eleven 3/4" or 5/8" buttons for the suspenders and fly, two 5/8" waistband buttons, one 1" or 3/4" back belt buckle.