Pandora Bustle Pattern

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    Pandora Bustle Pattern

    This is a very special bustle as it has two parts; the Bustle Pad which gives it structure and can be worn under period costumes on its own, and the interchangeable Outer Ruffle Cover, which turns the bustle into a contemporary outer-wear garment and means you can have different ruffles for different outfits! A great addition to a burlesque outfit, the Pandora Bustle should be easy to put together for any skill level of corset maker.

    This bustle also has eyelets instead of fixed ties, so when you wear it with a corset you can use the corset laces to tie it on at the waist (or alternatively use a length of ribbon). This also means different colour laces/ribbon can be used to match your ruffle covers and outfits.

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    This pattern is designed by corset maker Scarlett Sapsford.About The Sapsford Printable Sewing Patterns:

    The sewing Sapsford Printable Sewing Patterns are unique creations of the designer so you won't find them anywhere else, they're born of the growing need by the modern corset maker for more fashionable, sexy, contemporary pattern styles.

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    • Pattern jpegs for the bustle pad and the changeable ruffle cover
    • Illustrated Pattern Booklet PDF
    • Full making instructions included