Peaked Panache Hat Pattern

    Code: HMS-P-211


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    A sophisticated look will definitely flatter that special outfit. Depending on the fabric, this hat can have a sophisticated sporty look or an elegant evening look. The crown is larger than normal and the hat can be made in one fabric or two fabrics for additional texture. Wear it in a variety of angles to suit your mood.

    Recommended Fabrics

    Spring/Summer - Silk, Linen, Denim
    Fall/Winter - Cashmere, Faux Leather, Fleece
    Lining - Fabrics that are light, crisp and slippery such as taffeta or a light satin

    1" button to cover
    Thread to coordinate with fashion fabric and lining
    Fabric marking pen
    Millinery glue
    Plastic (2mil) for peak