Pin-Up Girls: Diamond Bustier

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    This item is currently out of stock and not available for backorder.

    This item is currently out of stock and not available for backorder.
    Pin-Up Girls: Diamond Bustier

    The Diamond Foam Lined Bustier Pattern is an offset vertically seamed cup with foam lining. This bra can be made with or without straps. Over 100 sizes from BCD 3.0 to BCD 6.0

    The Diamond foam-lined bustier pattern will become a staple in your “fancy dress” wardrobe. This pattern with two views features an off-set vertical seamed cup for the roundest styling, and a shortened upper cup for maximum lift. We’ve included a strapless version as well as a view with straps. The to-the-waist length will hold you high at any evening, cocktail or wedding event. You'll be amazed at the push-up look this pattern gives. The Diamond Bustier has been specially designed to use with foam lining, therefore enabling you to use virtually any stretch fabric over it as a cup cover. The Diamond Bustier is a sister to the Sapphire pattern.

    The sizing for the Diamond Bustier is a bit different from other bra patterns, in that we use the Bottom Cup Depth (BCD) to determine the size of the cup.
    This is the measurement from the wire line at the base of the cup up to the location of the apex.
    It is much more accurate than relying on Ready-to-wear bra sizing, which can differ from company to company.
    Determine your BCD by measuring your best fitting bra between these two points.
    All cup sizes from 3.0 to 6.0 are included in the pattern.
    Combine these 13 cup depths with 1 of 8 band sizes from 26″ (65 cm) through 40″ (100 cm) to make the Diamond Foam Lined Bustier size range equivalent to over 100 unique bra sizes.