Reconstructing History: Early 1930's Brassiere & Panties

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    Reconstructing History: Early 1930's Brassiere & Panties

    This 1930's Brassiere and Panties pattern is the perfect 30's underwear!
    Based on an original pattern from the early 1930's, this brassiere and panties are the essential underthings for 1930's dresses and frocks.

    Yoked and plain top panties versions included.

    Reconstructing History patterns are different from other reproduction patterns.

    • The original patterns are used as a basis
    • The patterns are graded in modern sizes, 28" to 48" bust and up to 40" waist, so they'll fit far more sizes than the original patterns ever did
    • The instructions include modern vocabulary and have added in all those things that the old pattern companies assumed their customers already knew
    • They still include the flavor of the original pattern, so you can truly experience using a vintage pattern without all the trouble of resizing and "translating" it

    All sizes (busts 28" to 48") come in the same envelope. Also included are assembly instructions, embellishment suggestions, and the extensive historical notes.