Rigilene Boning 1/4" (7mm) White - By the Yard

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    Rigilene Boning 1/4" (7mm) White - By the Yard

    Rigilene Polyesther Boning. 7mm. wide. White.

    Not all rigilene boning is created equally! Once you've tried our proprietary Multitex rigilene boning you'll love the difference!

    Rigilene boning is specially created for giving shape and support to strapless garments, theatrical costumes, evening wear, beachwear, and soft toys. It has soft edges for easy sewing by hand or machine. Safe to wash or dry clean without loss of stiffness. Flexible, durable, and will not crack.

    Great for wherever a light boning is needed.

    Use with 1/2" bone casing.
    EU Flag Made in Europe!