Sara Hat Pattern

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    Sara Hat Pattern

    Although this hat sits atop the head, it fits down a little further than the others do and kind of snuggles onto the head. Great shape with the conical high crown. The brim is wider on the sides than the front and back so can be curled upward (or downward).

    Great little Victorian hat for 1880-1890 - or even 1795 with the brim curled - a favorite to make!

    Includes frame pattern, cover patterns, and comprehensive instructions.

    Crown Height: 3.125" side - 4.25" front
    Crown Circumference at base: 24"
    Brim Width: 2.5" side - 2" front & back
    Overall Brim length front to back: 12"
    Brim Circumference: 39"
    Total Length of Wire Req'd: 84"