Silk Cloche Pattern

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    Silk Cloche Pattern

    Winter will not freeze the silk flowers on this elegant cloche. Fashioned in a light weight fashion fabric such as slubbed silk or velvet with a head-hugging profile, this hat makes a great fashion statement.

    Recommended Fabrics

    Spring/Summer - Silk Tussah, Linen, Medium weight cotton
    Fall/Winter - Slubbed Silk, Velvet
    Lining - Fabrics that are light, crisp and slippery such as taffeta or a light satin

    Velvet Press Mat (opt.)
    Thread to coordinate with fashion fabric and lining
    1 2/3 yds. variagated wire ribbon (makes three flowers)
    4" square piece of crinoline (foundation for flowers)
    3" piece of yellow rattail (used for three flowers)