Standard Overbust Corset Mock Up Kit

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    Standard Overbust Corset Mock Up Kit

    This kit includes the basic supplies for making a muslin mockup of an overbust corset pattern.

    Making a mock-up is essential to getting a corset pattern to fit correctly. You can use this basic kit with any commercial pattern, or a pattern of your own.

    You can choose between a mid-weight premium Muslin or a heavier weight Poly-Cotton Twill

    The Kit Includes:
    • Fabric for the body of the corset. (Muslin or Twill)
    • Twill tape for the waist line.
    • Stay tape to encase your boning.
    • Eyelet tape and an 8 yard lacing for tightening the back of the mock up.
    • 1 piece of 1/2" white bone for center front.
    • 10 pieces of 1/4" Spiral Steel Boning in a variety of sizes from 11" to 14".
    • 4 pieces of 1/4" White Steel Boning in two sizes for using in your Eyelet tape.

    See "Additional Info" below for more information on the Mock Up Kit.
    After sewing together your mock up and trying it on, you can make any of the necessary adjustments with pen, pins, or slicing the muslin and adding a piece and pinning in place. Then, transfer those alterations to your paper patterns and you will have a perfectly fitting corset pattern. If you keep the mock up in tact, you can use it again if your weight changes or if you want to change the shape of your next corset.

    By making a mock up you will be able to determine what exact supplies you need for your final corset. The exact length of the busk, the length and width of boning. By measuring all of your pieces of boning you can order the correct amount of bone casing. You will also be able to determine the number of grommets you will need, and can lay out your pattern pieces to buy the correct amount of face and lining fabrics.

    This kit does not include a busk. The mock up is easily made with the center front sewn closed. Overbust corsets can take anywhere from a 12" busk to a 18" busk depending on your height and the shape of the corset. You can order a busk at this time if you already know how long you want the front of your corset to be.