Steampunk Busk: Boning Only - 12" Pair

    Code: CMS-B3-SB12


    Steampunk Busk: Boning Only - 12" Pair

    This steampunk clasp busk is pre-drilled for Swing Arm Clasps. Give that extra touch of steampunk aesthetic to your corset!

    Includes 1 pair.
    Holes are 1-3/16" apart for the clasps.
    The gap between the holes for the clasps is 1-3/16"
    12" Busks are drilled for 5 clasps.

    The steel busks are heavy weight and perfectly drilled to fit the clasps. They are coated after drilling so the holes are protected.

    You will need 5 Clasps, 20 Rivets, an Awl or Revolving Punch to insert the rivets, size Medium Flat top Rivets, and a setting tool and anvil to set the rivets.

    You must set the rivets using a Wooden or Rubber Mallet and Rivet Setter & Anvil or Crafting Board.

    • 2 busk sides in 12" length x 1" width x 0.90mm thick
    • Each busk side is pre-drilled to accommodate clasps