Steampunk Clasp Busk Set - 12"

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    Steampunk Clasp Busk Set - 12"

    This steampunk clasp busk set includes everything you need for a swing arm busk closure. Give that extra touch of steampunk aesthetic to your corset!

    The steel busks are heavy weight and perfectly drilled to fit the clasps. They are coated after drilling so the holes are protected. You will need an Awl or Revolving Punch to insert the rivets, and a setting tool and anvil to set the rivets.

    • 2 busk sides in 12" length x 1" width x 0.90mm thick
    • Each busk side is pre-drilled to accommodate clasps
    • 5 swing arm clasps in Antique Brass
    • 20 sets of rivets in Antique Brass

    You must set the rivets using a Wooden or Rubber Mallet and Rivet Setter & Anvil or Crafting Board.

    If you haven't set Rivets before you may want to get additional Rapid Rivets in Medium to test setting rivets.

    The Rivets that come with the kit are the same length as Medium Rapid Rivets, the heads are slightly smaller.

    If you are using thick leather with this kit you will want to get Rapid Rivets in Large.
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