Steel Hoop Boning: Black Plastic Covered

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    Steel Hoop Boning: Black Plastic Covered

    Plastic covered spring steel boning.

    This hoop boning is composed of two pieces of 3/16" wide steel encased in a polyethylene plastic coating.

    Can be sewn through, down the center, on an industrial machine with a large needle.

    Ideal for hoop skirts, tutus, and projects that require boning to keep a defined hoop shape.

    • Sold by the yard (1-9 yard quantities) or in pre-cut rolls
    • 3/8" wide
    • Use with 1/2" Boning Tips for the ends.
    • For a hoop use Plastic Hoop Boning Connectors only.
    • Fits in 3/4" Bone Casing

    ** 167-yd Rolls are shipped separately from our factory in a flat rate box.

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