Bone Casing 3/4" Natural - 1lb. Skein

    Code: CMS-BC-N34SK


    Natural cotton double sided tubular casing to enclose hoop steel, white bone, or spiral boning.

    3/4" wide casing to accommodate 3/8" or 1/2" wide boning.
    (Actual width varies 3/4"-7/8" pre-washed)

    We find this to be the most ideal and easy way to secure your boning... poke resistant and very sturdy! If you use boning, you should be using bone casing for optimum protection against "pop-throughs"!

    This product is not dyed or bleached, and has no sizing.

    Sold as a 1-pound skein which yields approximately 51-yards. Not rolled or spooled.

    US Flag Made in the USA!
    - 1/2" wide.
    - Accommodates 3/8" and 1/2" width boning.
    - Made in USA.