Antique Copper Eyelets - Large

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    Antique Copper Eyelets - Large

    Antique Copper Eyelets - Large - Sold Individually

    These little Antique Copper Eyelets can be set in fabric or thin leather using Tierra Cast Eyelet Setter and Anvil Tool Set.

    Can be used with or without a washer on the back side.
    Use for decoration or to attach a chain or jump ring and a charm.
    Use to attach decorative flat washers, flat beads or charms.
    Use to attach two pieces of thin leather together or to attach a leather cord.

    Post Length Before Crimping: 6.8mm
    Hole Diameter: 2.20mm (3/32")
    Outside Flange Diameter: 3.96mm (5/32)"
    US Flag Made in the USA!