Truly Victorian 1865 Elliptical Cage Crinoline

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    Truly Victorian 1865 Elliptical Cage Crinoline

    The Elliptical cage crinoline was the main support foundation for the later- and post-Civil War period of 1863-1868. Called a "cage" because of the cage-like appearance created by the hoop wires and vertical support tapes, this type of crinoline offers maximum support capabilities for a perfect shape, combined with flexibility for comfortable wear. Our Elliptical shape is narrow over the hips, close to the body in front, and dramatically expanded to the rear; the most popular shape for 1865-1866 skirts.

    Our crinoline is 126" in circumference at the hem, 36" in length to hem level, and has 12 hoop wires to support the weight of heavy skirts. The self-supporting, elliptical shape is maintained by strategically placed vertical supports, as well as ties on the inside of the 4 top hoops. A "bag" at the hem keeps the wearer from stepping through the hoops.

    This pattern requires:
    3 Twelve yard rolls of Hoop Boning
    14.25 yards 3/4" Bone Casing
    8 Half Inch Boning Tips or Hoop Boning Connectors
    1.5 yards 3/4" Twill Tape
    Fabric, Ribbon, Ties, Buckle