Underwires 34A/32B (Flat Wire) - One Pair

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    Underwires 34A/32B (Flat Wire) - One Pair

    One pair flat metal Underwires sized 34A. Will also fit 32B.

    Every bra and pattern manufacturer has variations in their sizing.

    Please check the Technical Specs below for the exact measurements of our underwires.

    Our galvanized, flat wire underwires are custom designed using the latest CAD technology.

    * Comfortable, soft, powder-coated tips ease insertion into garment pockets and minimize risk of wire poking through garment during normal consumer wear
    * Tips are color-coded by size
    * White & Yellow Tip

    Exact measurements in Technical Specs below.
    Quantity Price Each
    1-2 $2.49
    3-11 $2.12
    12-23 $1.87
    24+ $1.62
    Additional lead time may be nessesary for certain high quantities.

    Length: 8 1/4"
    Depth: 2 13/16"
    Width: 4 3/4"
    Origin: USA

    The Length is measured around the curve from tip to tip. The Width is straight across from tip to tip. The Depth is measured from the center point of the Width to the bottom of the curve.

    Print the chart at 100% to see it in full-scale