Wonderflex Pro - Small Cuts

    Code: COS-WF020SC


    Wonderflex Pro - Small Cuts

    Wonderflex Pro is a heat activated composite material, which contains its own adhesive. Wonderflex Pro does not contain the scrim-reinforcement of Wonderflex, so it will have more stretch and can take more complex curves and more intricate details. Wonderflex Pro has an extremely smooth surface, with one side glossy. Easily painted or decorated with a variety of artisan coatings, gessos, bondo and paints. It has superior strength and flexibility, yet is remarkably lightweight. You'll find it fabulous for headpieces, sub-structures, ornamental effects, masks, props, scenic materials and a whole lot more.

    Because it's so tough and can be molded into any shape or thickness, it's even ideal for making quick repairs or modifications. A steamer, hot air gun or simply hot water may be used for activation. With a low activation temperature of 150-170 F (70- 80 C), Wonderflex Pro has a long open time and can be hand-worked or laid up for two or three minutes. Just reheat repeatedly as required for additional forming. It works beautifully with or without molds and cuts with a utility knife or scissors. It bonds to itself well and can be adhered to most porous materials like paper, wood, fabric, foams and Fosshape.

    • Standard 1 mm thickness (.039")
    • Very smooth texture for high gloss finish
    • Shipped Folded
    • Small cuts are available in four sizes:
    - 27" x 43" Half-Sheet
    - 21" x 27" Quarter-Sheet
    - 13" x 21" Eighth-Sheet
    - 10" x 13" Tester
    • Full Sheets are available here: Wonderflex Pro - Full Sheets

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