1895 Ripple Skirt

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    1895 Ripple Skirt

    This skirt is drafted based on an original pattern from an 1895 Harper's Bazar Magazine supplement. The very full skirt has a gore in front, and very wide gores on each side. The sides fall smoothly from the waist into four folds at the hem. The back is made up of three godets, each forming a large fold. The folds are held in place by a tape on the inside. The placket is in the left side back seam. The opening is hidden under the left back godet.

    The skirt measures a full six yards around at the hem. This is the widest skirt I have seen for this period. It should be worn over several petticoats to give the proper wide effect. Combine this skirt with huge sleeves, and you have a classic 1890's look.