Universal Corset Kit

    Code: CMS-K-UNIKIT


    Universal Corset Kit

    This kit contains tools and supplies that can be used for any corset pattern. If you're not sure what size corset you will be making or what pattern you will be using this is the kit for you! This kit is also perfect for Ageless Pattern which suggest you make a mock-up before creating your finished corset. Keep in mind that even if certain patterns call for other types of boning, or do not specifically call for bone casing, busk, etc. these products will still work just fine!

    The kit includes:

    10 yard roll of 1/4" Spiral Steel Boning
    1 Boning Cutter
    3 dozen 1/4" Bone Tips
    10.5 yards of 1/2" Bone Casing
    1 piece of 5 yard lacing
    1 12" Busk
    3 dozen Size 00 Silver Grommets/Washer
    1 Awl
    1 yard Twill Tape

    The continuous spiral steel boning can be cut to whatever lengths you need using the included boning cutter. Enough boning tips are included to make up to 24 individual bones.

    If using the 00 Grommets you will need a setter.