Victorian Petticoats

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    Victorian Petticoats

    This pattern contains instructions for four different petticoats, suitable for the years 1870-1897. Historically accurate, these petticoats are perfect to help hold the silhouettes required for each individual era. The front is fitted with darts at the waist to help eliminate bulk. The closure is in the center back with a drawstring, for all views. The middle flounce has optional tucks to help stiffen the petticoat.

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    1870-1876 - Early bustle.
    This version is a full flounced petticoat with extra length in the back to fit over a bustle.

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    1877-1882 - Natural Form.
    This version has a slim front and does not fit over a bustle. Suitable for under Tie-Back style skirts. Also works well for 1890-1891 slim skirts.

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    1883-1889 - Late Bustle.
    This petticoat has the slim front needed for this era, plus has a full back with extra length to fit over a bustle.

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    1890-1897 - Bell Epoch.
    This skirt has the full front needed to hold the wide skirts fashionable during this period. Does not fit over a bustle.