1890's Victorian Corselets

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    Our Corselet is designed to be worn on the outside, similar to a wide belt, and shaped to fit snug to the body. This pattern contains two corselets, one tall and one short. Both extend below the waist a few inches and have points in front and back. They both lace at the center back. The short corset is 4" wide at the side and 8" center front and back. The tall corset is 6" wide at the sides and 9 1/2" at the front and back. Fully boned, this corselet will retain the perfect shape through extended wear. They can fit with or without a bustle.

    The corselets are perfect for wear with a blouse, to keep the trim waistline. They were very popular in the 1890's, but also are seen in the 1880's. Wear under an Eton Jacket for a very fashionable look.