German Plastic Boning - 10mm x 1mm

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    German Plastic Boning - 10mm x 1mm

    This premium Plastic Boning, also referred to as Synthetic Whalebone, is a High Quality German Boning

    Smooth, flexible, strong, lighter weight than steel, can be dry-cleaned or washed. Air dry.
    This light-weight boning can be used in corsets, bustles, small panniers, gowns, garments, millinery, costumes, collars, cuffs, and more.

    You can cut it with sturdy scissors and file the cut edge with a nail file.

    More rigid than Rigilene Plastic Boning.

    • 7mm wide is 1mm thick (Approx. 1/4" wide)
    • 10mm wide is 1mm thick (Approx. 3/8" wide)
    • 6mm wide is 1.5mm thick (Approx. 1/4" wide)
    • 12mm wide is 1.5mm thick (Approx. 1/2" wide)

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    EU Flag Made in Europe!
    The plastic used for this product is polyacetal and it is OekoTex STANDARD 100 certified. It does not contain any toxic material components.