German Plastic Boning - 6mm x 1.5mm

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    German Plastic Boning - 6mm x 1.5mm

    Plastic Boning - Also Called Synthetic Whalebone - High Quality German Boning

    Smooth, flexible, strong, lighter weight than steel, can be dry-cleaned or washed. Air dry.
    This medium-weight boning can be used in corsets, gowns, garments, millinery, costumes, collars, cuffs, and more.

    You can cut it with sturdy scissors and file the cut edge with a nail file.

    More rigid than Rigilene Plastic Boning.
    1.5mm Plastic Boning is more rigid than the 1mm

    • 7mm wide is 1mm thick (Approx. 1/4" wide)
    • 10mm wide is 1mm thick (Approx. 3/8" wide)
    • 6mm wide is 1.5mm thick (Approx. 1/4" wide)
    • 12mm wide is 1.5mm thick (Approx. 1/2" wide)

    The plastic used for this product is polyacetal and it is OekoTex STANDARD 100 certified. It does not contain any toxic material components.