Grommet + Washer - Sz. 00 Silver (Gross)

    Code: CMS-GW-00SGR


    Grommet + Washer - Sz. 00 Silver (Gross)

    One gross (12 dozen) of Size 00 grommets in Silver.
    Paired with 1 Gross Silver backing washers.

    3/16" inside diameter
    7/16" outside diameter

    Grommets and Washers are used for reinforcing an eyehole in fabric. Grommets are metal tubes with a flare on one side. The Washer is the flare without the tube. When put through an eyehole in fabric the grommet gets pressed with a die and rolls around the washer.

    Can be used on fabric or leather. Use for corsets, belts, bags, pants, jackets, hats, or anything else needing lacing or a decorative touch.

    They are much sturdier and offer a cleaner finish than one piece eyelets.
    WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
    US Flag Made in the USA!

    Inside Diameter 3/16"
    Shank: 3/32"
    Origin: USA