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Setting Grommets: Grommet Setting Machine

If you have many Grommets to set, the best way to set 2 part Grommets & Washers is to use the Grommet Setting Machine.

~Test setting a grommet on scrap fabric first. Make sure it is similar in weight to the garment you will be setting the grommets into. Test the cutting die and setting grommets, so you are familiar with doing it before putting a hole into your garment.

Mark the locations: Mark the location of the grommets onto the face or the lining with a chalk pencil. If you make a mistake the chalk pencil is easily removed. Remember to leave an equal amount of space at top and bottom, and to space your grommets evenly.
For the size 00, I like to space the grommets 3/4″ apart. For the size 0, I would space the grommets 1″ apart. Make sure both sides of the garment mirror each other.

Marking holes

Cut holes: Die sets with cutting die: The Grommet Setting Hand Machine comes with a dense white plastic disk or puck. This disk is used for the cutting die. Place the disk on the base of the machine, screw the cutting die onto the top spring arm and pull the handle down to cut the holes for the grommets. Cut all of your holes, then change the dies to set the grommets. The cutting die cuts all the way through your layers easily, you can cut all of your holes in no time at all.

IMG_0027  IMG_0026
If the die set you purchase doesn’t come with a cutting die you’ll need to cut the holes with either a hole punch size 00 or in size 0, fabric punch, or a revolving punch to make the hole for the grommet.

HolePunchMaxiPunch  Leather Punch

Attach the Dies: The bottom die has a spike of sorts that stands up. It gets placed into the hole on the base and tightened with a hex key/allen wrench. The top die gets screwed onto the top of the setter attached to the spring arm. The photo below shows the dies in the Grommet Setting Machine. There is a washer on the bottom die.


Set the Grommets: Place the washer over the spike, the die on the base has a convex indentation that the washer will fit into. Next place the garment over the spike right side up, then the grommet. Pull down on the handle and the top die will crimp the grommet in place in a second.

WasherOn2  GarmentOn2

GrommetOn2  GrommetPress

SetGrommet2  Grommetted

You may need to adjust the height of the top die up or down to make sure that the grommet is crimped enough for the thickness of the fabric or leather you are using. Test a scrap piece of fabric that is a similar weight to what you are setting the grommets into.

Setting Size 0 or Size 00 the pieces will all look the same as pictured above. For the Size 5 and Size 12 the dies and cutter look far larger! The process is still the same, though.

~Happy Grommeting, Amy Delicious

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