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Face Mask Patterns & Instructions

There are now many online resources, patterns, and tutorials to help you learn how to sew various types of face masks.

We’ve compiled a list below recommended by our friends at Sew Face Masks Philadelphia to help get you started:

Deaconess Style:

How to Make a Face Mask – Link to Face Mask Tutorial.

Deaconess How-To Video:

How-To: Mask with Elastic PDF

How-To: Mask with Ties PDF


Todaro Philly Face Mask:

Designed to have 2 layers of material, elastic ear loops or fabric ties, and a wire nose piece. It is made to be worn alone, with a filter, or over a N95 mask.

Todaro Philly Pattern >>
Todaro Philly Tutorial >>

RCoA Face Mask:

Please use the Men’s Pattern linked below, as it fits over the N95 mask.  Two layers of cloth with options for a pocket, elastic or fabric loops.

RCoA Pattern >>
RCoA Tutorial >>

Leah Day Face Mask:

A beginner-friendly mask, similar to the Deaconess Face Mask, with improved fit.

Leah Day Pattern >>
Leah Day Tutorial >>



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