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Makers Doing Their Part to Reduce Coronavirus Spread!

It’s been amazing to witness the tireless support of sewers and creators who are making face masks for essential workers and for the community at large!

There has been a huge priority shift as the costumers, crafters, and designers who we work with on a regular basis are now putting their skills and efforts into helping prevent the further spread of Covid-19.

It’s been extremely difficult to source many of the supplies needed to create face masks – many supply chains are breaking down both within the US and abroad.  Items like elastic, interfacing, lacing, and cotton fabrics are becoming scarce and hard to find.  We are actively forming new relationships with factories and other manufacturers so that we can continue to provide these supplies to the people who need them most.

We’d like to give a shout out to our local Philadelphia Mask Makers, check them out below!

Sew Face Masks PHL

Sew Face Masks Philadelphia (Website)
Sew Face Masks Philadelphia (Facebook Members)
Sew Face Masks Philadelphia (Facebook Public)
Channel PHL 17 Report


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