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Grommet Setting Hand Machine

The Grommet Setting Hand Machine may be a costly investment, but it is a professional tool that will help save time. It is also a very versatile machine.

The disk that is shown in the photo is only used for covering buttons, remove it to use other dies. It also comes with a hardened white plastic disk for use with the grommet setting dies that come with a cutting or punch die. You will need a hex key or allen wrench to attach the various dies available. 

You can use the Grommet Setting Hand Machine for setting many sizes of grommets. You can buy the snap setting dies in different sizes, rivet setting dies, and the dies for covering buttons.

You will need to mount it to a table, we use a small butcher block table with shelves underneath to keep dies and supplies. It comes with an allen wrench to change the dies and other than that it’s just pull and set.

Setting Grommets: There are many different size grommet dies available. We stock sizes 00, 0, 5, and 12. Size 00 are the smallest, and Size 12 are very large. For corset making Size 00 or 0 work best. Once you have the dies, the grommets come in a variety of different finishes. Click this link for directions.

Setting Snaps: There are different dies available, Sizes 20 and 24 among others. Once you have the dies, the snaps come in a variety of different finishes. Click this link for directions.

Setting Rivets: Fits Jiffy Rivets, double and single caps, baby, small, and medium sizes. Also works with tubular rivets.

Covering Buttons: There are different sizes of Button Covering Dies, we sell the Size 22. If you are covering many buttons, this setter will save time and give you a professional looking button time and time again.

~Happy Corseting, Amy Delicious

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