Steampunk Busk - Rivet Set Only

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    Steampunk Busk - Rivet Set Only

    These rivets are used to attach swing arm clasps to the pre-drilled boning for making the Steampunk Clasp Busk Set. They are similar in specs to the Size Medium Rapid Rivets, but with slightly smaller tops and bases, and slightly longer posts.

    • Antique Brass finish
    • Rivet Top: 5/16" (8mm)
    • Rivet Post: 13/32" (9.5mm)
    • Rivet Base: 1/4" (7mm)
    • Fits pre-drilled bones and clasps used for making Steampunk Clasp Busk Sets

    Available in a bag of 10 or bag of 100.

    You must set the rivets using a Wooden or Rubber Mallet and Rivet Setter & Anvil or Crafting Board.

    Use setter LCS-T-RS01 and anvil LCS-T-DRA01 or setter kit LCS-T-URS01.

    To make a complete Steampunk Clasp Busk you will need Swing Clasps, Pre-drilled Boning, an Awl or Revolving Punch to insert the rivets, and a setting tool and anvil to set the rivets.