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Product Review: Freestandng Grommet Setting Tool


Grommet Setting Tool- Free Standing
A heavy duty free standing tool for setting eyelets and grommets. Has
a 6″ long reach and full adjustment for perfect compression control.
Includes setting and punch dies for Size 00 grommets (GST-40160 and
GST-40162). Accessory die sets available for Size 0 grommets,
nailheads, and more!

At Delicious we actually use this tool on a daily basis. However, we
are more accustomed to using it to punch. So I have decided to use it
fully not only with the 00 grommets but the 0 grommets as well since I
have had a few questions come in about it. First I must say it is best
if you try it out first and not with your final piece. So these are my
steps for having it set in properly, please make sure you have your
grommets right. Our other grommet setter actually holds them
differently. I have tried many ways but found that oddly enough the
die need to be flipped the one that says goes on the bottom actually
works much better on the top. I could be wrong but I figured I might
as well let everyone in on it. Sometimes things work the opposite way
in life and I suppose that could be one of those. However, there is
also the possibility that there are not enough layers. So going on, I
label my holes, punch them, clean them and then grommet. As for
punching the holes and cleaning them i have found that it does need to
be done thoroughly. Otherwise the lip doesn’t clamp down well. There
are occasion where if you do not push down far enough when setting
your grommets that they will not work out and the washer will spin. at
the same point you don’t want it too tight so that it rips your fabric
or material… which makes this a bit of trial and error with a touch
of patience. Yes the grommet should be on the bottom according to the
product but because I am used to doing it the “opposite” way I will
stick with what is comfortable as long as it works. Any questions let
me know.

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