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Product Review: Ode to Halloween

My Ode to Halloween:

Simplicity Pattern- Woman’s Italian Renaissance Dress: Woman’s
Renaissance/ Princess style, multi-style dress with bodice pattern.
Includes headband pattern. Available in two different size ranges.

00 Grommet & Washer Antique Silver: Size 00 (3.16″ inside diameter).
These are two-part grommet and washers. Much better quality than the
single part “spurred grommets”. Must have some type of setter.

Grommet Setting Tool – Free Standing: A heavy duty free standing tool
for setting eyelets and grommets. Has a 6″ long reach and full
adjustment for perfect compression control. Includes setting and punch
dies for size 00 grommets. Accessory dies available for size 0
grommets, nailheads, and more.

Grommet setting Hand Machine/Osborne Hand Setting Machine: High
quality hand machine with reinforced frame and handle. Uses two part
dies. Bolts to table for added stability. Height: 22″ The appropriate
dies for setting 0 and 00 grommets are sold separately from the machine.

Continuous Spiral Steel Boning: 10 continuous yards so you can cut
your own exact length. Available in 1/2″ and 1/4″ widths.

Boning Tips: U-shaped tips to cover the 1/2″ and 1/4″ continuous boning.

Bone Casing: Cotton double sided tubular casing to enclose boning
Available in 3/4″ (for the 1/2″ boning) and 1/2″ (for the 1/4″
boning). The most ideal and easiest way to secure boning, very
resistant and sturdy.

That is quite a list, I figured that I would throw in everything that
I will be using. I know that I have both grommet setters on the list
but i enjoy using both, the Free Standing for punching and the Hand
Machine for setting. The original pattern might be altered depending
on fit but otherwise I won’t change anything. Simplicity patterns are
normally easy to read through and so far we have no problems. Just
make sure you picked the correct size and are cutting out the correct
pattern. I have chosen style B which only has four parts and nine
pattern pieces to it. Overall, this is very self explanatory and I
have had no set backs. We have gone over punch and setting grommets
along with the bone casing and boning. I have decided however to make
an under-bust corset to go along with this but the only difference in
it would be the casing Sewing it down leaving extra at the top and
bottom so it can be sewn into the bias and you are set just make sure
you don’t sew in too far and make sure your lines are straight because
you will be able to tell when you have finished. Cutting The spiral is
easy measure and snip, try to get it in one shot it makes things
easier. The tips are easiest if you have two sets of pliers. Place the
tip and and hold it at the base with the pliers then with the other
set crimp the top to make sure it is held down. It should not come off
very easy now if you pushed down hard enough, if not give it another
go. You are all set, I’ll do a re-post when I have finished completely
so I can also put up pictures on the site.

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